Why us?


The Regional Air Cargo Carriers Association is the only organization dedicated to meeting the policy, communications and information needs of on-demand cargo aircraft operators in the United States.

Over 50 FAA-certificated Members

More than 50 FAA-certificated air carriers are regular members, and many more companies involved in the service and support of these operators have also joined RACCA.


While our members are predominately certificated by the FAA to operate under Part 135 of the regulations, we also have a number of Part 121 carriers.

Effective Leadership

Since its inception in 2002, RACCA’s goal of establishing itself as an effective leadership organization for regional cargo airlines remains unchanged.


The association is a key advocate on behalf of regional cargo carriers operating throughout the U.S. and internationally, before various federal government agencies, including:
Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, & Department of Transportation. RACCA is also a strong advocate with the aviation/general assignment press, ensuring they are aware and understand our issues.

Proven Success

By establishing and fostering close contacts within the industry, RACCA’s successes include: Forging close working relationships with other aviation organizations, improving relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, ensuring a safe and secure operating environment & promoting modernization of existing regulations impacting our industry

“Regional air cargo carriers are an important link between small-town America and the rest of the world, delivering everything from the critical to the mundane.”

Why is it important to join?

As we look to the future we are proud to report that our membership growth has exceeded our most optimistic expectations and our efforts on their behalf in Washington have been very positive.

If you are a participant in the regional air cargo industry, we urge to join RACCA today. Your membership and support gives us the strength in numbers that is important as we bring your issues to the forefront of legislators and regulators.

Important matters such as the FAA’s regulatory, evaluation, and enforcement processes, TSA mandates, security, and insurance are areas on which we are currently concentrating our efforts. RACCA continues its program of introduction and education to all segments of government and industry in Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

RACCA members and representatives have held important seats on FAA Aviation Rulemaking Committees and the TSA Aviation Security Advisory Committee. Our personnel meet regularly with top government managers and federal legislative staff. The reception of RACCA at all of our visits has been welcome and constructive.